It MUST have been a CURSE!

She joined Girls With Vision in February. 
Fell ill in March. 
And died 3 days ago.

We felt we had hardly even gotten to know Susan!

Tomorrow we will visit and grieve with her family.

As the group gathered today - for the first time since her death, we shared the sad news.  The lady who was sitting in Susan's usual spot got uncomfortable.  Each one looked around with sadness and suspicion. 

Because, death here in Ngando doesn't "just happen"... it HAD to be caused by someone!  So as we grieve, we will also fight against these traditional beliefs.  Beliefs that will struggle to make sense of the pain.  Beliefs that will search for the "spiritual" reason... the "witchcraft"... the "sacrifice" that caused this death.

These beliefs will make some fear to go into her home.  Or sit in her empty seat at our Bible Study.  Or speak with her family.

So, as the same questions seep from my hurt as I struggle to make sense of this pain,   I pray that I can point these ladies and friends toward JESUS.  The answers won't ever come from unearthing a curse...  Our only HOPE is as we LOOK toward the One who bore our sorrow to bring us GRACE.


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