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 Are you wondering what we're up to?

The short version
·      Anyone watching must be thinking we are really weird
·      Feeling the American weight of comfort in consumerism
·      In Indy this school year, several weeks in Orlando and heading back to Kenya next July
·      Focused on family and a long-term vision in Kenya
·      Thank you for being involved in the story.
·      Pray with us.

You can read on if you want the long version.

A lot of things happen when you are out of country for extended periods of time.  Coming from Kenya, re-entry  makes you feel a bit like an alien coming from another planet.  The first month or so was a little cloudy, almost like waking up out of a deep comatose sleep.

·      Well, there are silly things like that Taco Bell is now is up to 7 layers on a burrito.
·      We are now back to pegging our pant legs like in the 80’s? 
·      I’m not sure how to feel about “man-buns.”
·      There is wi-fi literally everywhere, which has compounded my social media usage by 10,000;
·      but wait, I’m not sure I said that right since even math has changed.
·      Feeling overwhelmed by the number of selections available and food choices I can make at the store.
·      Learning to drive again on the right side of the road, or wait is it the left?
·      There are just plain sad things like first now learning about people or famous figures who have passed on since our last time here. 

Overall, we are catching up to practical life, which seems so much smarter and automated than a few years ago.  How do we ever live in Kenya without some of these things?  The re-entry learning curve can be really steep! It makes us feel like we’re behind the rest of society and that anyone watching must be thinking we are really weird right now.  You get it, on and on… 

Actually, we are kind of missing life in Kenya. It seems crazy to think that, since life there feels so twisted and backwards a lot of the time, but at this point, Kenya life all seems to have more meaning.  We are really feeling the American weight of comfort in consumerism and are burdened to reach into that space this year and point others towards the hope of the Gospel.   Our time in Africa will help us do that.

Truly, although our hearts are still in Kenya, we are settling in back in the US and see God’s hand and providence in our being here.   Our plan is to remain here in Indy through this school year; then spend several weeks in Orlando before heading back to Kenya next July, Lord willing.

This year is about family for us.  Our kids are growing up and before we know it will move out on their own.   It has felt like an awkward phase of parenting, particularly trying to do it from opposite sides of the world.  So, this is about helping our kids adjust and gain some traction in America and pointing them in the right direction.  It’s our effort to give them a boost into something good, following Jesus, to give us peace and a focus towards a long-term vision in Kenya, for the sake of the Gospel. 

There is a lot still happening on the ground in Kenya. We have left the Hatua Community Centre in great hands and continue to passionately tell their stories.  The local churches are abiding in the midst of challenges, the Bible school training is growing, hurting people are being helped, loved and impacted for the sake of the Gospel.  Ministry goes on.  Other than talking, our Facebook posts are the best way to keep up with current stories in Kenya.  We will soon share the greater vision and telling what will be needed to get there.

This year is about preparing for the long-term.  We are furthering our understanding of community development, Kiswahili language studies, writing about learned principles, sharing the vision, fundraising , connecting and serving with the local church. 

Your thoughts, prayers and gifts have gone a long way.  We hope you will continue to share in this story with us and connect with those we love in Kenya.  It is all for the glory of our Creator and for the sake of the Gospel as we await the Kingdom someday.

Would you pray for us during this year?
·      Learning to trust that the Lord will provide for our kids - college, jobs, passion and faith.
·      Clarity as the Lord leads us in the future vision – sharing, writing and implementing.
·      Traveling back to Nairobi a couple times this year – Brad, November 3-16th.
·      For the churches and ministry center in our neighborhood – Ngando, Nairobi, Kenya.
·      Daily faithfulness as we try to honor what the Lord has planned for this year.


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