Monthly Partner Update


  • Nathan & Abby remaining in the US: work, school, encouragement.  Abby - NTM Bible school in Jackson, Michigan.   Nathan - Indy, studying online and pursuing music.
  • 3 of us are returning to Kenya in July – Brad, Camie, Sam. Transitioning back, Sam starting 8th grade.
  • Ongoing fundraising: personal support, ministry funds, 4-WD vehicle.
  • Renewal of our residency/work permit in Kenya. Expires Nov 2016.

 On the Ground in Kenya
  • Hatua Community Centre - Pauline as she manages ongoing ministry.
  • CTC Bible school - Pst. David as he facilitates the teaching.
  • Bible Clubs in April - hoping to reach 500 kids.  Brad & Camie will be traveling back for this visit.
  • Shiku just started rehab this week.  Mwangi, her son, in school.
  • For clarity of the Gospel to be freely understood.  We are always up against blinding spiritual evils, false teaching, animism and prosperity faith.

Ministry Funds Needed
  • Increasing our personal monthly support. We need to additionally raise $1,500 per month.
  • Ongoing ministry funds for Bible Clubs: food & materials $3,000 per year.
  • A 4WD vehicle to help us access muddy roads and rural areas and for better safety on the roads.  $25,000
  • New projected Hatua Community Centre and Bible School in Jan 2017.  $7,000 per year.
  • Airfare for returning to Kenya, about $3,500.

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