Bible Clubs April 2016

To each one of you who so generously donated to help make the April Ngando Bible Clubs happen, we want to thank you.

Nearly 400 children heard and felt God’s love in huge ways for a period of 3 days - and we are overwhelmed with gratitude.

The Bible clubs are run by 3 local churches, with all of their own volunteers who cook, teach, lead and run security… We are so privileged to get to come along side them and help to plan, and watch GOD at work. The pastors themselves have told us that this is one of the biggest ways that they as a church get to stand out in the community - "when we care for people’s kids, the community sits up and takes notice…"

During these days, children sang, heard and acted out stories, made some fun wearable crafts, had a great meal each day (which they probably wouldn’t have gotten that day otherwise), received a deworm treatment, and on the last day, enjoyed a huge sports day outside when they all came together as one church. The t-shirts were a huge highlight and we saw kids wearing them over and over throughout the community (even after the Bible clubs).

It is due to your generous help that all of these things took place - I wanted you to see photos and get a glimpse of some of the faces that you impacted.

Thank you!!!


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