HATUA is the Kiswahili word  for "step".  It is the name of the community centre in Ngando, Nairobi, Kenya.  This word helps one to define the vision and describes what the focus is all about - helping someone take the next right step. 

The focus is to seek transformation for our community through working with the local church(es).  At Hatua we seek to develop a framework to reach people where they are at in their discipleship or transformation journey - presence, relief, rehabilitation or development.  The work and relationships go through the local church, local pastors, helping them reach their community for the sake of the Gospel.  We position for discipleship through the discipleship/development cycle.  This work needs many hands and has many faces looking for the next right step. 

Here are a few practical examples:
  •  a young single mother trying to make ends meet finding a community with counseling and vocational training
  • an HIV positive widow who is abandoned and without a family finds a caring community that will commit to walk with her
  • a man or woman addicted to drugs or alcohol escaping reality and prostituting themselves to support their habit finds new purpose and recovery
  • an innocent child hearing of hope through a Bible story
  • a pastor who never had a chance to finish their education, gets a chance to formally study and understand the Bible and now fights against false teaching, witchcraft and prosperity faith
  • a community seeing God's healing through a visit by a good doctor
  • the local church, walking, taking the next right step with people

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