September 2016 Monthly Partner Update

Please keep us in prayer:


  • Brad is traveling back to Kenya September 12-23 -  travel, meetings, renewing visa paperwork, ongoing ministry at Hatua Center, finalizing practical details for our full return.  There is a lot to try to accomplish in this time.  Pray for physical and spiritual protection.  Would you please commit to praying daily for us during this trip?  Please let us know!
  • Moving back to Kenya fully in January 2017 - travel, airfare, re-adjusting, only 3 of us.
  • Pray for a smooth process in the renewal of our residency/work permit in Kenya - Expires Nov 2016.

On the Ground in Kenya

  • Hatua Community Centre - Pauline as she manages ongoing ministry; that she would be encouraged and see God's healing/protective hand
  • Pastor David and family -  that they would be encouraged and see God's healing/protective hand.  We/they are experiencing strong spiritual opposition, manifested in physical ways inexplicable medical conditions.
  • 24 Bible school students beginning the final term for the year.  Pray for next years applicants, that we would have a good number of committed students.
  • For clarity of the Gospel to be freely understood with each of our steps.  We are continuously  up against blinding spiritual evils, false teaching, animism and prosperity faith.  Pray that we would hold strong to putting on "the armor of God" (Ephesians 6),


  • We are at 70% of our monthly support needed.  (Give) - Field Coordinator Ministry - Preferenced for the Matlacks.
  • A 4WD vehicle to help us access muddy roads and rural areas and for better safety on the roads.  $25,000. We are at 20%.

Upcoming Travel in the US

  • Philly area, PA-  October 20-23
  • D.C., Northern VA - October 23-26

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