March Monthly Partner Update

  • Keep praying for our kids back home: Abby at Bible School, Nathan and a possible promotion at work and Gené with college studies.
  • Sam is doing well in school.  Pray for him as he desires to lead his friends to walk with Jesus.  Being in a multi-cultural school is a special and unique experience for Sam but also can create other relational tensions.  Pray that the school would be free of any prejudice.
  • We still do not have running water at home.  Pray for a solution.
  • For continued spiritual cover over our home and our lives.  We are at war against the enemy.
Hatua Centre: ministry on the ground
  • The women's ministry - Girls With Vision - has begun monthly training for making household items for them to use and sell.  Pray that this may lead to continued discipleship.
  • Pray for our Bible school students.  Encouragement and determination to work hard.  The online technology and tablets is an uphill hurdle for some of them.
  • Pray for a new group of interested Bible school students in the town of Meru. There are 18 new students from 5 churches currently going through the Firm Foundations/Story of God Bible study.  Pray for Pauline as she is leading the training - travel safety, energy.
  • Pray that our engagement with the local churches will deepen.  Not more programs but deeper things for the sake of the Gospel.  Pray against false teaching that tends to creep into local churches/pastor's bad theology; such as prophecy, animism, traditional beliefs, prosperity gospel.  This is spiritual warfare! Pray that they will be open to the Holy Spirit's leading and seek the truth of the Gospel.
  • Praise/Pray for open doors relationally as we plan to expand Hatua Community Centres to other slums in Nairobi.  Looking for "persons of peace" as we enter into new areas.
  • Upcoming presidential elections in August - pray for peace and unity.  Elections are very divided within tribal lines and can easily turn bitter or violent.

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