Village Life In An Urban Setting

Home-life in our Ngando village enables us get to know people we otherwise would not cross paths with on a regular basis: repair guy - things are always breaking. Repairs include – things around the house like plumbing, electric or leaky roof. Usually works out well since labor is inexpensive. Shoes repaired, button or clothing sewn  (20 shillings/cents).  Water delivery guy (these guys work hard!)- since our neighbor siblings in the homestead started arguing, we haven’t had running water coming to the house, so we get it delivered weekly by pull cart (10 cents per 20 liters but I always give them a little extra since they work so hard. They only pocket 3 of the 10 shillings).  Our local produce lady - village life allows us to get fresh produce around the corner and at a better price than the grocery store.  Pretty much anything and anyone except ice-cream.  I always keep a few coins in my pocket since I never know when I might want a cup of tea or a banana on-the-run or Camie might call asking me to pick up a couple tomatoes on the way home (each only 10 cents).

While we probably could fix our own repairs or shop conveniently at the big grocery store, the important thing is that purchasing from each one of these people gives us an opportunity to make a friend and position for discipleship. It’s tough to do that with someone you don’t see regularly. And it also helps support their business, puts food on their dinner table and keeps their kids going to school.   Pray for us as we do life in our neighborhood.

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