To Every Mama With a Disabled Angel

I've always had a deep admiration for mamas who love and raise a child with a disability.  
I know that GOD has favored them - that they have amazing grace, love and beauty that God sees as He entrusts them with a child with any special need.

To each of you, who sacrifice... love and care for an angel in ways that only GOD can see, thank you.

Today I want to honor one mama whom I've had the incredible JOY of walking with over the last few years.

We met when one of the churches in our slum area introduced us... Carol - the mama of 3 beautiful girls.  Annitta is the oldest.   
She has never spoken... 
never taken a step... 
never fed herself...

With the terrible "roads" here in our community, a wheelchair would never work...
So, Mama Annitta has 
carried her every single place 
she has ever gone. 

I have never heard a word of complaint from her lips.  Mama Annitta has been left by her husband - who refused to accept his daughter with her struggles.  She has fought on alone.  
Carrying her girl...  
over rough roads and onto public transportation...  
all with JOY.

Does that even sound right?  It sounds like a hard life - but truly, from the bottom of her heart, Carol LOVED her daughter - and found JOY in her!

This weekend, I was filled with deep emotion as I watched Mama Annitta 
carry her girl for the last time.  
She boldly took the handle of the coffin and walked to the grave along with all the strong young men who had been asked to help.

Mama Annitta in the back, holding the middle handle of Annitta's coffin

I pray for you now - with your empty arms...
I have no platitudes to offer.

My prayer is that just as you have carried your girl these last 16 years, that you will feel carried by your Heavenly Father as you walk forward.

The LORD is the strength of his people
He is the saving refuge your people...
Be their shepherd and CARRY them forever
Psalm 28:8-9

Thank you for everything you have taught me!
I pray that some of your JOY and LOVE flow though me as a result of the time I've gotten to spend with you and with your precious girl, Annitta!


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