Only in knowing the truth can we ever be free from the fear

I remember my first ultrasound so well…

The joy

The anticipation

It was an event - a celebration!!!

Yesterday, I took Irene for her first ultrasound. She had no idea when her due date might be.

Desperation had taken her to a home where she had found shelter in exchange for her sexual services to the trail of men who came through the door. One dollar per partner.

In complete despair one day, she entered a church here in Ngando. Prayers and a listening ear brought her back again and even again. As she shared more of her story, God pushed us to figure out how we could help her more.

Our first doctor’s visit was about the sickness that ravaged her body. Thin, weak, wrecked by outbreaks all over her body… plus the fear of what hidden disease could have invaded her blood…

She wanted to refuse the HIV test. In her mind just not knowing was better… Lovingly, we talked her through. Only in knowing the truth can we ever be free from the fear.

I held her hand in the waiting room. The anguish in her sobs dug deep into my soul. My throat still chokes up as I remember. The fear of learning the truth…

As we received all the results, Irene was flooded with relief and gratefulness.

HIV… negative

But, none of us were expecting the next result.

Pregnancy… positive

And now, two weeks later, we found ourselves in that waiting room again. I realized that she had no idea what to expect.

I googled photos of a 4 month fetus. Showed her how her baby might be sucking his thumb.

And, for the first time since I had met her weeks before, she smiled.

Oh God, please bring joy and hope back for this young girl!!!

Healing is so much deeper than the skin issues, nutrition, and even a safe place to live! When rejection has run deep, only the TRUTH of God’s LOVE can fill in those gaps!

The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed,
    a refuge in times of trouble.
Psalm 9:9


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