Back to the Routine - What's Your Story?

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It is labor day weekend.  If you're like me, you're mourning the gradual retreat of the warm weather, vacations and that overall summer feeling.  It's over and willingly or not you are part of the back-to-school, back-to-work, back to the grind. Or, maybe you are one of those excited about getting back into the routine? Right on!

Let me take you down a thought wormhole for a while. Have you ever considered how these cycles and patterns are ingrained into the fabric of our being?  Take a look at something micro - did you know that it takes approximately 1 minute for a circular blood cell to cycle through your body and get back to your heart? Amazing! Now for the macro - our entire universe is actually spiraling through space and time. Cosmic! Not to mention the cycle on a clock, seasons and weather, the ocean tides, a flower turning back to seed...

we are surrounded by cycles and circles and could go on all day naming them.

These life cycles are all part of the created order. They are intentional and a part of your story, our story, humanity's story & ultimately God's story.  Everything depends on a cycle or routine to replenish, recharge, renew and ultimately redeem.  But as you know, life doesn't always go as planned.  An enemy has affected the normal order and wants to destroy it.  Does this sound a little like the plot to your favorite story? It does and you love it because it resonates and speaks to your soul.

"So, what's your story?"

As you get back into your routine, I want to encourage you to ask someone this same question.  "So, What's your story?"  Our stories can be inter-weaved if we allow them to. We were created to share our stories.  You might be amazed at how just asking this question can even transform you to the point that life no longer feels like a boring routine.  

So, embrace the cycle and routine but do it intentionally. Share your story; particularly if it is a broken one. Perhaps, that is how you will help someone else find redemption. Don't let the enemy destroy you at the heart of your routine.  Let us recognize the real story and be participants in each other's story.

by Brad Matlack - Director